DURION BUS-PC - Integrated Single Control Unit (SCU) for Buses


The DURION™ BUS-PC is a rugged purpose-built fully integrated Vehicle Single Control Unit (SCU) targeting bus ITxPT and BIS16833 ITS-installations in connected Smart City scenarios. Built to comply with strict requirements of ARAI certification, this device optimally combines wired and wireless communication interfaces, peripherals, satellite and sensor assisted navigation with a high efficiency multi-core 64-bit ARM processor. Designed in an ultra-compact “heavy duty” die-cast powder coated conduction cooled IP65 aluminium enclosure, the DURION BUS-PC includes two rugged “System Connectors” for all power, control and I/O, M12 X-coded connector for the digital display interface and locking TNC antenna connectors for cellular and GNSS antennas. The WiFi antenna is structural and part of the enclosure. The locking System Connectors simplify vehicle cable harness design.

The DURION BUS-PC has a wide input range (8-38VDc) PSU with a multi-stage EMC-filtering and input protection. The overvoltage protection will accept transients exceeding 100VDC and surge voltages up to +-2KV. The system includes a LiPO back-upo battery, which provides up to 4 hour autonomy with reduced fucntionality, compliant with AIS140 standards. A 32-bit system management coprocessor monitors the booting of the application processor, internal temperatures, system power rails and input voltage and currents as well as the charging of the internal battery. An ignition signal controls the systems's start-up and delayed power-off. A wide operating temperature range and IP65 ingress protection rating ensures reliable operation in arctic and tropical environments.

The DURION BUS-PC optimally balances integration and functionality. Basing on a 2GHz 6-core HW coprocessor accelerated ARM SOC, the DURION delivers outstanding computational performance with a low power consumption. Multiple cores can be used in parallel for video compression in real time. Apart from standard USB, RS232/485 Serial and Audio I/O the BUS-PC includes a full CAN 2.0 interface with J1939 protocol support, 4 or 8x Composite video Inputs, 4x 0-5/10V analogue inputs, as well as isolated 24VDC digital Inputs and open collector 24VDC isolated digital outputs. The display interface bases on Duragon's digital serialized DuroLinkII interface, which combines display power, PCAP touchcreen interface and 18-bit LVDS into a single CAT6 twisted pair cable. A high speed soldered down eMMC FLASH HDD is used for OS, application and data storage. An optional internal SATA Flash HDD can be included for applications which require NVR fucntionmality defined in BIS16833. The BUS-PC is ideal for systems that require video recording and storage combined with advanced multi-technology wireless communication, always-on vehicle location and onboard system control.

  • Rugged conduction cooled and compact design
  • 6-core 64-bit 2GHz ARM SOC processor
  • 2GB Onboard soldered DRAM
  • 10/100/1000Mbit Ethernet
  • SATA III Interface for optional 2.5" Flash HDD
  • 2x RS-232 Serial ports, 1x RS-485, USB2.0
  • 2x J1939 CAN ports with Bus FMS protocol support
  • 5-band 2G/3G/LTE modem with eSIM and uSIM
  • Full Audio Call support on GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G
  • 802.11 b/g/n/ac WiFi
  • Internal GNSS receiver with IRNSS support
  • 4/8x Video Capture Inputs (CV)
  • 24V Digital Inputs (4), Outputs (4), Analog Inputs (4)
  • 32/64GB eMMC Flash soldered down, SD-card socket
  • Digital Display port, HD Audio with 2 x 10W Amplifiers
  • 32-bit CORTEX M3 system and peripheral controller
  • Ignition controlled 9-38VDc input power supply, 4-hour LiPO back-up (AIS140)
  • +12VDc output for external cameras
  • -25 to +80°C operating temperature range
  • IP65
  • Designed for India ARAI compliance
  • Vehicle Entertainment Server
  • Wireless On-board AFC Gateway
  • J1939 Vehicle Diagnostics
  • Video Surveillance Recording
  • High-end Digital Signage
Tomi Hanninen


  • 6-core 64-bit 2GHz RK-3399 SOC processor
  • 2GB soldered down DRAM
  • 8/16/32GB soldered down eMMC FLASH disk, SD card
  • Internal SATA III controller
  • 4x or 8x Composite video PAL camera inputs
  • GBIT Ethernet interface
  • 32-bit System management controller
  • Secure electronic serial number
  • Contactless tamper detection
  • 3D accelerometer for rash driving detection


  • 32-bit CORTEX M3 controller
  • Fallback for AIS140 mode system operation/li>
  • Monitor tempertures, input, battery and system voltages
  • System health monitor, safe and secure booting
  • Failsafe mode operation, error recovery


  • Serialized automotive display interface
  • 1GHz, self clocked spread spectrum serialization
  • 18-bit native LVDS interface, I2C-bus for touchscreen and 12V power
  • HMI Display interface in single 4-pair CAT6 cable
  • Compatible with DURION SCU driver console


  • 5-band GPRS/3G/LTE CAT4 modem with APAC band support
  • eSIM and uSIM support with SW configuration
  • Full voice call support
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac high speed WiFi
  • GNSS receiver with GPS/IRNSS/GLONASS support
  • GPS and IRNSS meet AIS140 and UBS II performance criteria
  • Optional Bluetooth 4.0


  • 2x RS-232 ports, 1x RS-485 port, 1x external USB 2.0
  • 2x CAN ports, one with full J1939 protocol support, second general purpose CAN2.0
  • 4x Digital Inputs and 4x Digital outputs with 12/24VDc range
  • 2x Analogue inputs , 5VDc and 10Vdc ranges
  • 2x 10W Stereo outputs for PIS speakers
  • 1x MIC input for driver
  • Ignition input, Alarm output (Open collector), Error Output


  • 8-38VDC input range power supply
  • Load dump protection to 130VDc, 48VDC reverse voltage protection
  • +-2KV surge and burst protection
  • Inbuilt LiPO battery with integrated charge and power management
  • Automatic fallback on AIS140 mode during power interruption
  • 4-hour autonomy with GNSS and modem support
  • Input voltage, power rail, battery voltage monitoring


  • 2X 35-pin keyed AMPSEAL connectors
  • X-coded M12 connector for digital display
  • TNC connectors for cellular and GNSS


  • Die-cast aluminum enclosure
  • Weight (TBD)
  • Dimensions (TBD)


  • -25 ~ +80°C operating temperature
  • 95% RH, non condensing
  • IP65 ingress protection