DG-DRM48E-R - Ultra Wide 48" 16:3 LCD Railway DRM/PIS Display


DG-DRM48E-R is a standalone ultra-wide screen Ethernet-connected sunlight readable 48" 16:3 aspect ratio LCD DRM-display. This display is purpose-built for rolling stock PIS or Dynamic Route Map applications, which require connectivity over Ethernet. An proprietary 64-bit 6-core RK3399 ARM SoC based sytem board controls the display and the media delivery. Dual 10/100Mbit Ethernet ports enable "daisy-chaining" multiple displays together. This reduces the number of ports required on the consist network switch. Each device has its own Ethernet switch for port expansion and the physical Ethernet Interfaces include bypassing relays, which guarantees the integrity of the series-connected Ethernet in case of device failure. In the event of a failure, the safety relays will disconnect the DRM from the Ethernet and bypass the device internally.

The DG-DRM48E-R is protected against excessive temperature conditions and fetaures an internal temperature dependent backlight brightness control and CPU speed throttling. The application software can be developed using the QT-toolchain, which accelerates the creation of the application software and enables independent maintenance of the GUI. An inbuilt 1500VDC wide input range isolated power supply can directly connect to the 110VDC train feeder power source.

  • 48,4" Ultra-Wide active matrix color TFT, LED backlight
  • Brightness 1600nits, contrast 1000:1
  • Resolution 1920 x 358
  • Software controlled brightness and display parameters
  • 6-core 64-bit RK3399 LINUX processor with dedicated firmware
  • Internal control and monitoring:
    • Temperature monitoring and warning +50°C
    • Controlled display start
    • LED backlight brightness control
    • Event and error logging
  • HD video, Smart Graphics, Bit-maps, Animations
  • Internal WiFi for service connectivity
  • Optional 3G/LTE modem
  • Panel Surface Anti-glare, hard coating (3H)
  • IP52, operating temperature -25 - 55°C
  • EN50155 and EN50121 Certified
  • Dynamic Route Map Display (DMRD) for trains and metros
  • On-board PIS (trains, trams, metros)
  • Station-side Infotainment
  • Display for space constrained installations


  • 6-core 64-bit RK3399 Application processor
  • 2GB DRAM, 8GB eMMC Flash Disk
  • SD-card slot for removable media storage
  • Dual Channel LVDS display interface
  • Internal 5-port 10/100Mbit Ethernet Switch
  • Debug port, Service Ethernet port
  • Application software update using USB Type C


  • 48" Ultra-Wide active matrix color TFT
  • Resolution 1920 x 358
  • Display area 1209.6 (H) x 225.5(V)
  • LED backlight with SW control
  • 16:3 aspect ratio
  • Brightness 1600cd/sqm, 1000:1 contrast
  • Viewing angle 178(H) / 178(V)
  • Response time 6.5ms


  • Dual 10/100Mbit Ethernet with relay bypass
  • 802.11n/ac WiFi
  • Service USB and Ethernet(under access panel)
  • RS-485 interface


  • Controlled LCD Power ON-OFF
  • Event and error LOG
  • Temperature monitoring and display control
  • Controlled backlight soft start


  • Aluminum/sheet metal enclosure
  • Matt black pain finish
  • Dedicated connectors: M12 D- and A-coded


  • 110VDC nominal (14 to 160VDc)
  • Galvanic isolation up to 1500VDc
  • 85W MAX power consumption


  • 1247,5(W) x 268(H) x 66.6(D)


  • 10,5Kg


  • Operating: -20° to +55°C, thermal overload shutdown
  • Storage: -20° to +70°C


  • 95% at 45°C non-condensing


  • IP52, front face