Intelligent On-board Dynamic Route Map Displays

Traditional LCD-based Passenger Information Systems have been complemented with new Ultra Wide HD-resolution LCD-modules, which are suitable for installations over doorways or in overhead structures. These slim displays are ideally suitable for modern Dynamic Route Map Systems (DRMS). The Duragon DRM-series intelligent displays enable the creation of distributed intelligent HD-resolution passenger Information Display Systems, which do not require a dedicated Host Vehicle PC for media storage and delivery. Display information is not sent throughout the vehicle, but rather each DRM-display manages its own content delivery based on route, heading, location, or other I/O information received from the gateway router.

In a complete scenario, a DCORE-DR01 or DURION-DR01 5G MIMO gateway router can be used as the primary gateway and PIS system controller. DRM displays connect to one of the downstream Ethernet ports. The router's application processor manages the chain of DRMD, based on location or other controls.


A power-efficient 6-core 64-bit Multimedia SoC processor with advanced LINUX firmware controls the operation of the display and the delivery of rich media content including animations, effects, static images, as well as HD-video combined with bus operational data. No host PIS-server is required, media is stored in each device and can be updated over the service WiFi interface. The application software is LINUX based, empowering integrators to use QT for graphical design and compile their QT application to work on the DRM- and PID-series displays. Both systems share the same CPU and system board design, making mixed system SW development easy. Such development toolchains and open Software platforms accelerate project completion, and enables system integrators to independently maintain their applications.

The Duragon DRM-series displays connect directly to the vehicle's 12 or 24VDC power. A proprietary multi-stage active protection and filtering circuitry is designed to exceed the requirements of vehicle EMC and immunity standards.

Duragon Systems can provide customization services, which can include engineering, production and certification. Available are different LCD sizes, ranging from 28" to 48" with 16:3 or 16:1.5 aspect ratios, various enclosure solutions, as well as project specific functionalities or SW interfaces to other onboard systems.


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