On-board Railway LED Passenger Information Displays

The Duragon Passenger Information System solution includes all the key subsystems for modernisation and upgrades of train passenger information systems. The wireless-enabled 7" PCAP touchscreen HMI communicates with the operational centre using 3G/LTE or WiFi uplink. The internal high accuracy GNSS receiver is used for the positioning of the train for controlling location based announcements and messages displayed throughout the train. The intuitive and user friendly GUI software enables the train driver to configure and operate the system. Each coach includes a purpose-built controller, which receives control information from the driver HMI and controls the local LED displays and drives the in-coach speakers. The coach controller can drive standard or transformer coupled 100V line speakers. The downstream bus to the LED displays is RS-485. The coach controller interrogates diagnostic status and errors from its downstram LED displays forwarding this information back to the driver HMI gateway.

The figure below illustrates a typical modernisation solution, which bases on Power-Line communication technology.


The Duro-Net railway-class Power-Line communication modems create a 10/100Mbit backbone Ethernet connecting all the coach controllers to the main master wireless HMI gateway. This TCP/IP Ethernet network enables high speed bidirectional commnunication throughout the train and it does not require additional rewiring of network cables and switches. This technology is especially useful for modernisation programs where train wiring is limited and coach coupling does not allow for additional interfaces. Duro-Net can use either 24V/110VDC or 240VAC as its transfer media. Using a high speed Ethernet network for the PIS enables route and announcement updates received from remote OCC to be sent downstream by the master HMI gateway.

Duragon Railway LED displays base on SMD components to increase reliability and reduce display dimensions. Automotive-grade high brightness LED beads are used with 0-100% brightness control. Constant current column drivers, which feature internal LED diagnostic and failure detection, guarantee a flicker-free uniform brightness visual experience. Brightness can be controlled from the coach controller over RS-485 or it can base on ambient light sensing. The LED displays feature advanced monitoring of internal LED condition as well as internal temperature and power supply voltages. LED brightness can be automatically reduced at high temperatures to reduce component stress.

Duragon Systems can provide customization services which can include engineering, production and certification. Available are various LED configurations, display resolutions, sizes, mechanical solutions, as well as project specific functionalities or SW interfaces to other onboard systems.

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