5G MIMO Railway Routers

The Duragon Railway 5G routers base on the latest 5G modems with Qualcomm SDX65 chipset. Entry level routers feature a single 5G modem, while multi-modem touters may include up to 4 independent multi-sim 5G modems. The Duragon DURION and DCORE series routers base on a multiprocessor architecture, which enables isolation of different tasks to different processors. The Quad Core Linux application processor executes the client software, while the networking processor is dedicated to the routing functions. The powerful Mediatek MT7621A processor and its Open Source WRT Linux enables project specific functions to be included. The core router is managed using a console I/O interface of through any of its ports using LUCY Web interface.

This combination of multiple processors isolates Linux software development to the application environment, while the router functions and 5G management is transparent to the application. The router processor and application processor connect with an internal Ethernet interface.

Peripherals and sensors connect to the application processor, including the RS-485 and RS-232 serial ports, Audio I/O, accelerometer etc. The system management CORTEX M0 controller is responsible for the system management and monitoring as well as the CAN bus data parsing.

The figure below illustrates a typical coach 5G-router modernisation solution.


The 5G modem supports the latest global sub-6GHz bands with 4x4 MIMO (DL) and 2X2 MIMO (UL). Connection quality, modem and link status can be monitored. The modem can access two SIM, where both soldered down eSIM and socketed uSIM are supported.

An RTK assisted UDR GNSS subsystem ensures high accuracy train location even in challenging signal environments and in covered station or depot areas. Suitable railway certified antennas are available from Duragon.

The Duragon routers have a wide input range (9-38VDc) railway-class PSU with a multi-stage EMC-filter and input protection. The overvoltage protection will clamp transients exceeding 100VDC and surge voltages up to +-2KV. A wide operating temperature range and an IP41 ingress protection rating ensures reliable operation in arctic and tropical environments.

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