Modular Railway Diagnostics System Gateway

Built to specifically address on-board train and locomotive diagnostics applications, the QUASAR-DS diagnostics controller optimally combines modularity, versatility and isolated peripheral interfaces with an embedded 6-core RK3399 ARM LINUX SoC. Targeting diagnostics gateway and onboard data acquisition applications, the QUASAR-DS can interface to locomotive J1939 CAN diagnostics port of diesel engine powered locomotives, or connect the train MVB, FIP or backbone Ethernet to capture all relevant data from the train in real time. Data from local sensors or messages extracted from the network can be filtered, preprocessed, buffered and sent to the remote Trimble R2M rail diagnostics system cloud storage server using either Sub 6GHz 5G, CAT4 LTE modem or 802.11ac Wifi. In the Trimble R2M software suite, fleet diagnistics data can be visualized and refined based on freely configurable data rules. Accurate vehicle location can be combined with the diagnostics data with GNSS timestamp. The QUASAR-DS based R2M diagnostics system can be installed as a fleet modernization upgrade or factory-fitted during train manufacturing.

The QUASAR-DS is train type agnostic and it is suitable for diesel powered locomotives, hybrid-powered locomotives or fully electric trains. All interfaces and the power supply is galvanically isolated up to 1500V. An optional 7" PCAP HMI can be used to visualize train diagnostics data to the train driver in the cabin.

Compliance to EN50155, EN60255 and EN50121 standards, which are applicable to rolling stock installed devices, makes the QUASAR an ideal general platform for railway systems engineers to implement on-board diagnostics systems which require the highest operational reliability, outstanding EMC performance and safety. The QUASAR architecture bases on the ability to recover from system faults, isolating failed I/O interfaces and diagnosing the status of all I/O interfaces during operation.

Duragon Systems, jointly with its partner CELYSS, can provide turnkey and engineered railway diagnostics solutions basing on Trimble Rail R2M system. Our engineering and programming experience enables project specific customisation in functionality.


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