Dragontech Systems specializes in various ICT-solutions for mobile in-vehicle installations in public transportation. Leveraging a vast paradigm experience in solution engineering, Dragontech can provide new approaches to existing applications in vehicle ITS, PID, vehicle connectivity as well as railway systems.

Distributing intelligence and creating improved levels of failure recovery is in the centre of our systems design. Such an approach can simplify the global system architecture, and improve solution robustness. Systems base on purpose-built electronic designs, which include mitigation techniques for EMC and safety.

Software and Firmware are key components in embedded-system based transportation systems. System hardware and software are created in a manner, which enables integrators to build platform independent applications. System control I/O and monitoring functions are implemented using dedicated in-built microcontrollers with ready-to-use firmware. This creates an abstraction layer in hardware, disconnecting application software from I/O operation-intense functions, such as sensor assisted navigation or external device communication.

Dragontech Systems mission is to reduce the threshold of selecting a project specific system, compared to using off-the-shelf devices. Our international organization, operational agility, and effective working practices enable us to provide cost effective and value adding proposals, which meet tender requirements.